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Posted 6/6/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Evaluation of Cardiac Defibrillator Shocks in the ED

Amal Mattu, MD, and his colleagues from the University of Virginia published a review titled “ED Evaluation and Management of Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Electrical Shocks,” in the June issue of the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. In this article, the authors review the function of defibrillators; discuss the causes of appropriate and inappropriate shocks; and present algorithms for the assessment and stabilization of patients who have experienced one, multiple, or phantom "firings."

Posted 6/3/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Mallemat Publishes Commentary on Sickle Cell Crisis

Haney Mallemat, MD, is a co-author of “Sickle Cell Crisis and You: A How-to-Guide,” published in the June issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine. The article is an EM:RAP commentary about a case presentation in the same journal.

Posted 6/1/2016 by Linda Kesselring

EM Faculty at EMS Care 2016

Three EM faculty members presented lectures during EMS Care 2016, the annual statewide conference sponsored by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. Ben Lawner, DO, MS, EMT-P, teamed up with Michael Clumpner, PhD, MBA, NRP, an expert in tactical emergency medical services response to active shooter scenarios, to deliver the keynote address, "The Truth is Out There: More EMS Articles You Have to Know!" Dr. Lawner also led breakout sessions on mobile integrated health care and the prehospital management of penetrating trauma. Danya Khoujah, MBBS, presented “Altered Mental Status: It’s Not Always ETOH” and “”Seizures in Adults: Beyond Versed.” Roger Stone, MD, MS, presented “A Working Code is a Working Fire: Culture Change in Maryland Fire Companies to Enhance the Success of HPCPR in Limited Resource Situations.”

Ben Lawner, DO, EMT-P, and his colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published the article titled "Pediatric Use of Emergency Medical Services: The Role of Chronic Illnesses and Behavioral Health Problems" in the May-June issue of Prehospital Emergency Care.


Posted 4/20/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Annual Educational Conference of MD ACEP

Priya Kuppusamy, MD, and George Willis, MD, were faculty members for this year's Annual Educational Conferrence sponsored by the Maryland chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. The conference was held in Linthicum Heights on April 8. Dr. Kuppusamy presented “The Pressure is On! Pregnancy Disasters,” and Dr. Willis's lecture was titled “When Seconds Count…The Crashing Aortic Dissection.” Michael Winters, MD, chaired the Planning Committee that compiled the conference program.

Posted 4/18/2016 by Linda Kesselring

East Coast Helicopter Operations Conference

Ben Lawner, DO, MS, EMT-P, and Daniel Haase, MD, were faculty members for the East Coast Helicopter Operations (ECHO) Critical Care Weekend, held in Philadelphia in early April. Dr. Lawner was a member of the Trauma Case Series panel, which reviewed cutting-edge advances in trauma care and discussed indications for interfacility/aeromedical patient transfers. Dr. Haase served on the "Ask the Professor" panel, which reviewed critical care patient scenarios. ECHO was founded in 2013 to provide a means for emergency medical services and law enforcement flight programs to share experiences, train together, and brainstorm solutions to common challenges.

Posted 4/13/2016 by Linda Kesselring

ECG Manifestations of Hyperkalemia

Amal Mattu, MD, with colleagues William Brady, MD, from the University of Virginia School of Medicine ,and Jeffrey Tabas, MD, from the University of California San Francisco, published the ECG of the Month in the April issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine. Their article describes the electrocardiographic manifestations of hyperkalemia in a diabetic man with altered mental status.

Posted 4/12/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Doug Sward Teaches SAR Techniques

Douglas Sward, MD, was a faculty member for the 4th Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine Conference, held last weekend in Philadelphia. He led a workshop on “Search and Rescue: Initial Actions and Reflex Tasks.” The event was hosted by the Wilderness and Disaster Medicine Society of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Posted 4/7/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Effects of the 2015 Riots on UMMC and EMS

Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD, from the Department of Surgery and STAR-ORC, and Ben Lawner, DO, MS, EMT-P, collaborated on a presentation about the preparations for and responses to last year’s civil unrest and riots in Baltimore from the perspectives of the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Baltimore City Fire Department. They were featured speakers during Medical Disaster Response 2016, a conference presented in Las Vegas on March 20 by the American College of Surgeons. The aim of the conference was to present practical information that trauma care providers can use to improve disaster response plans. Attendees included trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, and other specialists in emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Posted 4/5/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Butler Lectures at ACOEP Conference

Ken Butler, DO, presented two lectures at the Spring Seminar of the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians, which was held in Scottsdale, Arizona, last week. The titles of his presentations were "Comas, Concussions, Contusions: A Review of Traumatic Brain Injury” and “Breathe Easy: Cutting-Edge Airway Management.”