Interview Information


Thank you for your interest in our emergency medicine, emergency medicine/internal medicine, and/or emergency medicine/pediatrics residency program(s). We look forward to reviewing your application and hope the following information will help guide you through our interview process. Please contact our residency office if you have questions that are not answered on this page.


IMPORTANT: Our initial round of invitations will be sent out on Tuesday, October 15th.

Application Requirements

All applications must be received through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) by November 1st. The following minimum requirements must be met before your application will be reviewed:

** MSPEs will be submitted electronically by your medical school on October 1st and do not need to be received before an interview is scheduled.

International Medical School Graduates

We welcome applications from graduates of medical schools outside the United States. In addition to meeting the application requirements listed above, you must also fulfill the following criteria before your application will be reviewed:

Application Review Process

Once your application is complete in ERAS, your information will be reviewed by our application review committee. Our invitation process is on a rolling schedule. This means we will send out a group of invitations and, based on the response, continue to review applications and send invitations until all interview dates on the schedule are full. Applications reviewed after that point will be kept on a waiting list; applicants will be contacted in turn in the event of a cancellation.

Scheduling Your Interview

Once your application has been reviewed and you have been selected for an interview, you will be contacted by one of our residency coordinators via the interview broker website. Interviews are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please go to the interview broker website  to schedule your interview.  This website also allows you to reschedule your interview and cancel, provided that you are able to give more than 7 days notice.  Less that 7 days notice will require calling our residency coordinators.  Please do not use email to initially schedule your interview because the calendar changes constantly. Email should be reserved for confirming or canceling an interview.

Re-scheduling Your Interview

If you need to re-schedule your interview please try the interview broker website first, if this is unsuccessful, please contact the residency office via phone. Your request will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Canceling Your Interview

We understand that your plans may change after you have scheduled an interview with our program. Please contact our residency office by phone or email as soon as you know you will be unable to attend on your scheduled date. We typically have several people on the waiting list for any given interview date, and we would like to give as many applicants as possible the opportunity to interview.

Interview Process

Our program interviews applicants on Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning the middle of November and ending the end of January (please see the interview calendar for more information). Each year, we typically interview approximately 125 applicants for our categorical program, 25 applicants for the emergency medicine/internal medicine combined program, and 20 applicants for the emergency medicine/pediatrics combined program.

Interview Process for Combined EM/Peds Program Applicants

The interview schedule for applicants to our EMPeds program encompasses 2 days. You will interview with emergency medicine on Wednesday and with the Peds program on Tuesday or Thursday. You must interview with both programs to complete the process. You are not required to interview with both programs in the same week. After you have scheduled your interview with emergency medicine, contact Pediatrics to complete your combined interview:

Interview Process for Combined EM/IM Program Applicants

Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine applicants will interview on a single day, Tuesdays, and will have unique interview day that allows you to experience Medicine Morning Report, and a special combined tour of the hospital and facilities. If you have any questions about Internal Medicine you can reach out to

Individuals interested in the Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine/Critical Care Residency program should apply to the Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency Program. A commitment to the Critical Care portion of your training does not need to be made until the end of your 3rd year.

If you have been granted an interview for one of the combined programs, you can also ask to be considered for our categorical program. You do not need to schedule an additional interview. Prior to your interview, please inform the residency coordinator of your dual application so that your paperwork can be processed accordingly.

Interview Social Events

All interviewing applicants are invited to a resident-run social event on the Tuesday or Wednesday night of the week you interview. You will receive details along with your interview confirmation email. The event usually begins at 7:30 pm.

Applicants who interview for the emergency medicine/pediatrics combined program will be invited to dinner the Tuesday oir Wednesday night of the week you interview. This event takes place around 7:30. You will receive more specific information along with your interview confirmation email.

Applicants who interview for the emergency medicine/internal medicine combined program will be invited to dinner on Monday night with the medicine department. You will receive more specific information along with your interview confirmation email.


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Where to Stay in Baltimore

You have several options for lodging while visiting Baltimore: 

  1. Our department has negotiated a room rate of $109 per night with the Hampton Inn Camden Yards, located one block from our office and two blocks from the hospital. If you are interested in securing a reservation at this hotel, please follow this link.
  2. Several local hotels in the area offer discount rates to University of Maryland visitors. Be sure to mention your affiliation with the university when making your hotel reservation to ensure you receive the best rate. Visit for a list of University of Maryland discount rates.
  3. Many of our residents have volunteered to open their homes to applicants. If you are interested in staying with one of them, please navigate to the residency section of this website and view the resident profiles. Residents willing to host can be identified by the house icon to the right of their name and should be emailed directly.


Visitor parking is available at the Baltimore Grand Garage located at 5 North Paca Street, between Baltimore and Fayette Streets. You will be given a parking voucher on the day of your interview for this garage only. Directions and a campus map can be obtained by clicking on the links at the right of this page. 

Inclement Weather Policy

If winter weather conditions are present in Baltimore on the day of your interview, our faculty and staff will make every effort to be available as scheduled. If conditions are severe enough to warrant the cancellation of the interviews, you will be contacted by the residency office as soon as possible using the contact information provided in your ERAS application. If you do not hear from our office, please assume your interview will proceed as scheduled.