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EMS 12 Lead

This popular site is run by Captain Tom Bouthillet. He's an accomplished medical educator and his site has a large following. Challenging ECG cases are regularly presented, and the site is clearly EMS-focused. A great resource for providers seeking to expand upon their existing ECG knowledge base.

Life In the Fastlane

This site is expansive in scope- it contains literature reviews, videos, case studies, and an ECG library. The site is managed by emergency physicians and intensivists in Australia. A truly comprehensive resource.


NJ EMS Fellowship - Journal Club

New Jersey EMS Fellowship Logo

This site is the home to the New Jersey EMS Fellowship Journal Club. Articles related to Prehospital Medicine are posted to this site and EMS faculty and fellows from the NJ EMS Fellowship discuss the articles during a weekly journal club. These journal clubs are recorded and posted to the EMS Fellowship YouTube site.



This site provides insight into the wide range of topics related to EMS. While not peer-reviewed, there are many interesting and helpful topics addressed on this site and it serves as a popular resource for many prehospital providers.

Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD)
BCFD Station List

Baltimore County Fire Department (BCoFD)
BCoFD Station List

Maryland State Police Aviation Command
Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service
University of Maryland ExpressCare

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