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EMS 12 Lead

This popular site is run by Captain Tom Bouthillet. He's an accomplished medical educator and his site has a large following. Challenging ECG cases are regularly presented, and the site is clearly EMS-focused. A great resource for providers seeking to expand upon their existing ECG knowledge base.

Emergency ECG Video of the Week

Dr. Mattu, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, runs this popular ECG-focused blog. He publishes regularly on topics important to ECG interpretation. Dr. Mattu features ECG tracings sent to him from emergency clinicians around the world.

Life In the Fastlane

This site is expansive in scope- it contains literature reviews, videos, case studies, and an ECG library. The site is managed by emergency physicians and intensivists in Australia. A truly comprehensive resource.

The RAGE Podcast

An irreverent, informational, and outstanding guide to all things emergency medicine and critical care. The site features discussions and podcasts on topics of importance ranging from retrieval medicine to the treatment of status ashtmaticus. You might also find some tips on how to look as good as Dr. Haney Mallemat


ECGs for EMS

An online blog focused on case-presentations of actual pre-hospital ECGs. Comments and donations of relevant ECG tracings are encouraged! ECG enthusiasts Ben Lawner and Chris Touzeau keep the blog regularly updated. 


The George Washington University's Emergency Medical Services Leadership career outlook page contains information about the first online master's program that specializes in EMS leadership. This career path will prepare future EMS leaders to deal with important administrative, financial, and technological challenges to the delivery of emergency health care. 


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