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The University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine offers a wide variety of medical education courses and conferences. Please visit the course websites for detailed information and to register. Questions? Email the UMEM Conference Coordinator  at

Course Type Description CME Credit Website Current Courses
The Crashing Patient! Resuscitation and Risk Management This conference has been created to address both parties at risk in emergency medicine - the patient and the provider. Topics have been specifically chosen to educate attendees regarding the optimal care of the sickest patients we see in daily ED practice - sepsis, cardiac ischemia, aortic dissection, etc. - as well as to educate attendees in how to bullet-proof themselves from the plaintiff attorneys. Yes Course Website
Coming soon!
Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound Course This 2-day 16-hour course, designed for the practicing emergency physician, is based on the emergency ultrasound guidelines published by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice learned techniques on live models under the guidance of experienced and certified (RDMS) emergency medicine physicians. Yes Course Website
Courses currently on hold due to COVID19 restrictions
Critical Procedures in Emergency Medicine This course is intended to train emergency medicine professionals in critical care invasive procedures. By using a 2:1 physician to cadaver ratio, emergency physicians will have the opportunity to practice difficult procedures in a controlled but real-life simulation. Participants in this course will have the opportunity to build on and maintain their clinical skills in a cadaver lab setting. Yes Course Website
2022 registration open
Percutaneous Ultrasound-guided Gastrostomy (PUG) Learn to place a gastric feeding tube using an ultrasound, Seldinger technique and magnet technologies.  In the near future, the proceduralist can go to the nursing home and place a PUG, eliminating the need for patient transport.   Course Website 2022 registration open
Complex Procedures in Emergency Medicine This course teaches complex procedures including esophageal variceal bleed tamponade, transvenous pacing and trouble shooting, HINTS, Dix Hallpike and Epley maneuvers for vertigo evaluation/therapy, and pig tail chest tube insertion. Yes Course Website 2022 registration open
Essential Procedures in Emergency Medicine A procedure-based course specially designed to focus on wound care management, non-invasive orthopedic procedures and lumbar puncture skills. The objectives for each procedure include learning the indications, contraindications, equipment, technique, complications, post procedure follow up and pearls needed to perform the procedures competently. Yes Course Website
Course currently on hold 

Emergency Cardiology Symposium

Every year is a different cardiology topic that directly affects the care of our Emergency Medicine patients. No Course Website

Critical Care Symposium

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is pleased to host our eith annual Emergency Medicine Critical Care Symposium. The Symposium features an outstanding line-up of exceptional critical care physicians who will speak on managing mechanical ventilation No Course Website
To view the recording of the previous symposium, please visit the Course Website.

The University of Maryland Emergency Department has many faculty that create and distribute educational materials for free on the internet. See below for some examples of additional educational resources.

Name Description Website
Amal Mattu's EKG Video Case Series UMEM Emergency Physician and EKG enthusiast, Dr. Amal Mattu gives you weekly advice that will help you save lives. Course Website
Critical Procedure Video Case Series These videos are a great Procedure training series and are intended for residents and faculty of Emergency Medicine and are available free to all. Course Website
Oral Boards Review Videos These videos are intended for Oral Boards Training. They are intended for residents and faculty of Emergency medicine and are available free to all. Course Website