Director's Welcome

Michael Bond, MD
Residency Director

Welcome to the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency Program!

Our emergency medicine residency program began accepting its first categorical residents in 1991. Since that time, the residency has expanded to also include a 5-year combined emergency medicine/internal medicine program and a 5-year combined emergency medicine/pediatrics program. Our medical center is the only one in the country that hosts all three of these emergency medicine residencies. Each year, we accept 13 residents for the categorical program and 2 each for the combined programs.

Residents in all three programs benefit from an intense and comprehensive training. Upon completion of our program, physicians are prepared to work at inner-city or rural hospitals and in community or university academic settings. Graduates are eligible for certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Our residents are encouraged to prepare manuscripts for submission to professional journals. We are committed to teaching and mentoring.  We constantly encourage the faculty and residents to contribute to the continued development of the curriculum and the program. Please read on to see what we offer! Our residency prides itself on innovation in emergency medicine education.

We believe strongly that residency is not simply a time when young physicians develop clinical excellence; it is also a time to learn about getting involved in the specialty and becoming a leader…in the workplace, in the community, in academics, and in national organizations. Our curriculum is geared toward teaching not only clinical excellence but also leadership and academic skills.

Mission Statement
In 2002, the faculty unanimously approved the adoption of a new mission statement for our Program’s focus in training:

The University of Maryland’s Emergency Medicine Residency is committed to developing future academic and community leaders in emergency medicine.


Our 25th Anniversary

In 2016, we marked 25 years since the start of our residency program. We now have over 300 alumni that have gone on to impressive careers.  Below is a highlight video that was played at our ACEP 25th Anniversary dinner.  



Our Residency Programs

Emergency Medicine Program
In the first year of the categorical program, residents have rotations in the adult and pediatric emergency departments at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) as well as the emergency department of the Baltimore Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center (adjacent to the University of Maryland campus), and Prince George Hospital in Cheverly Maryland. They also do a month-long rotation at the pediatric emergency department at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) in Washington, DC. In addition, they do rotations in obstetrics, two intensive care units,  the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, and ultrasound.

PGY-2 residents spend greater amounts of time in the adult emergency department at UMMC and continue to do rotations in the VA Medical Center’s and Prince George Hospital emergency departments, the UMMC pediatric emergency department, and CNMC. Rotations at Mercy Medical Center, a community hospital in downtown Baltimore, provide additional training during the second year of the residency. Residents continue their rotations at Shock Trauma, including one in trauma anesthesiology. PGY-2 resident have 1 elective month.

PGY-3 residents continue to rotate through the adult and pediatric emergency departments at UMMC, and the emergency departments at Mercy and Prince George's Hospital. They can elect to spend two weeks in the emergency departments at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center or Baltimore Washington Medical Center both are high volume community medical centers in the state of Maryland. Also during this year of the residency, they receive additional training at Shock Trauma as well as rotations in pediatric anesthesiology and ultrasound. The senior residents have 1 month of elective time, during which they typically perform research, focus on developing an academic niche, or participate in international medicine programs.

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Program

Two residents are accepted each year into our 5 year  EMIM program. With our integrated curriculum, residents graduate the program confident in their abilities to manage a busy emergency department or inpatient ward and to provide the long-term care unique to the outpatient setting. Upon successful completion of the program, our residents are eligible for certification by both American Board of Emergency Medicine and American Board of Internal Medicine. Residents in this program can also elect, in their third year, to transition to our EM/IM Critical Care program where they add on a 6th year of training but are then eligible for certification in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care.

Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Program

Two residents are accepted for this 5-year program each year.   Individuals successfully completing this program are eligible for certification by both the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics.  Currently, there are only four combined emergency medicine and pediatric residency programs in the country.  Applicants to our combined program truly have a passion for both specialties.  This is easily recognizable in our residents who bring a strong sense of balance to each program through the blending of acute care knowledge and procedural skills with a family-centered and child-friendly approach to patient care.