Departmental Grant Opportunities

Departmental Pilot Grants

Each year, the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Associates, PA (the “PA”), gives UM faculty members and residents the opportunity to apply for funding that will support research into diagnostic and treatment issues in emergency medicine. Proposals are reviewed by the PA Medical Research Committee, which then recommends priorities for funding to the PA Board of Directors. This funding opportunity was designed to offer financial support for pilot projects that could be the springboard for successful applications to larger funding agencies. 

Resident Research Grants

Similarly, the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency Program offers grant support for residents’ research. These funds can be used to hire assistants for data collection, to cover travel expenses for presentation, or to provide small incentives for study participants. These grants are available to residents in the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency Program who have more than 1 year remaining in residency. They are intended to foster residents’ early research careers, particularly in new lines of investigation. Like other grants, the submission process is competitive, and funding decisions are made a departmental grant committee.

Information about the application schedule is available from Shawnell Stokes.

For research classes and workshops, please find below the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Office of Research/Career Development Link: