EMS Medical Student Elective

Elective in Emergency Medical Services
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Official School of Medicine Course Description

The University of Maryland School of Medicine's EMS elective is a broad based and in-depth immersion into the practice of out of hospital medicine. Paired with a core emergency medicine faculty member, medical students will rotate through various components of prehospital medicine. Though a working arrangement with paramedic instructors, students are also introduced to paramedic-level skills including dysrhythmia recognition, endotracheal intubation, and intravenous access. The elective is divided into four "modules," and can be structured according to the individual student's experience and background. Previous EMS training or pre-requisites are not required.

Module 1: Introduction to EMS and Hospital Emergency Planning / Disaster Preparedness
Dr. Alex Torres, Rotation Director

Students will work with residents, staff, and faculty to examine emergency preparedness strategies. Collaborate with emergency medicine residents and emergency planners on disaster planning and the mitigation of an anticipated, "patient surge." Readings relevant to emergency management can be found in the section on "disaster medicine." 


  • Hospital surge plan
  • Physician's all hazards training module (powerpoint)
  • Online FEMA sponsored courses on Introduction to Incident Command Systems
  • Mass casualty triage and response (powerpoint) 
  • Readings in Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight
    1. Chapter 26: Incident command system and National Incident Management System 
    2. Chapter 27: Medical management of mass gathering
    3. Chapter 28: Disaster preparedness and management
    4. Chapter 1:   Principles of EMS system design
    5. Chapter 6:   EMS personnel 
    6. Chapter 8:   Medical overisght of EMS systems

Module 2: Emergency Medical Services Training (BCFD and EMS education)

Students collaborate with emergency services instructors on EMS specific educational projects. Observe and practice emergency patient care skills such as intravenous access and airway management. Participate in lectures / in-service trainings to EMS personnel 


  • Selected chapters from Mosby's Paramedic Textbook
  • AHA ACLS and PALS manuals
  • Observation at various EMS courses/training classes

Module 3: Quality Assurance (BCFD), Emergency Medical Services Administration, and EMS Research 
Captain Anita Hagley and Dr. Ben Lawner 

-Discuss key aspects of EMS quality assurance and reporting
-Obtain follow up data on cardiac arrest survivors
-Attend regularly scheduled meetings of the protocol review committee
-Attend regularly scheduled meetings of Maryland EMS Systems Research Interest Group 
-Attend regulary scheduled meetings of the University of Maryland Medical Center's STEMI Committee

Module 4: Operational (patient care) Emergency Medical Services

The EMS elective is currently affiliated with several clinical sites. Depending upon interest and availability, students can choose to complete shifts with different EMS jurisdictions

Baltimore City Fire Department
Matthew Fifer, EMS Lieutenant / Training

-Ride along with Baltimore City Fire Department ALS apparatus
-Ride along with BCFD EMS Officers
-Participate in any regularly scheduled mass gathering EMS events


PHI/University of Maryland ExpressCare Observation
Mike McCabe, NRP, CCEMTP, Base Manager

Maryland ExpressCare 1 provides critical care aeromedical transportation for critically ill and injured patients requiring care at the University of Maryland Medical Center. You'll travel to the base of operations and meet with the transport crew. You'll talk with critical care transport providers about the unique environment in which they work. Depending upon availability, you will have the opportunity to tour ExpressCare's EC-135 twin engine aircraft.  


University of Maryland ExpressCare Ground Critical Care Transport Observation
Katja Abegg RN, Nurse Manager
Leigha McGuinnAssistant Nurse Manager

ExpressCare also contracts with American Medical Response to provide ground interfacility and critical care transport from area hospitals to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Ride along with crews to retrive critically ill patients from outlying facilities and experience the critical care transport environment. rpber

Baltimore County Fire Department Division of Emergency Medical Services
Steve Adelsberger, Captain and EMS Officer


Montgomery County Department of Fire Rescue Services
Dr. Roger Stone, Medical Director 

Howard County Department of Fire Rescue Services
Dr. Matthew Levy, Medical Director 



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