Health Policy Research

Health Policy Research 

Will Fleischeman, Chair


Goal: The goal of the Health Policy Research section of the Health Policy group is the provide resources for residents and faculty interested in health policy and health services/systems related research (HPSR). As the WHO defines it: “HPSR is an emerging field that seeks to understand and improve how societies organize themselves in achieving collective health goals, and how different actors interact in the policy and implementation processes to contribute to policy outcomes.” A simple example could be a case of opioid overdose. A clinical research question one might ask is whether intranasal naIoxone is as effective as intravenous naloxone. While HPSR questions could include: does ED opioid prescribing lead to opioid dependence? Does easing regulation of buprenorphine prescribing save lives/costs?



Research assistance

If you are already working on a project and need assistance with designing, implementing, analyzing, and writing, we will try to pair you with the right mentor(s) and experts.

Research project database

If you are interested in HPSR but don’t have an active research question/project, we will maintain a database of current research studies that faculty are looking to have a resident participate.