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Research in Prehospital Medicine and Critical Care Transport
Faculty at the Department of Emergency Medicine have the opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers in the fields of emergency medicine, trauma, prehospital care, and public health. The National Student Center for Trauma and Emergency Medical Systems (NSC) is housed on the University of Maryland, Baltimore's Campus. Dr. Jon Mark Hirshon, Professor of Emergency Medicine, founded the Maryland Emergency Medical Services Systems Research Interest Group (MEMSS-RIG). The group brings together researches from institutions such as Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Univerity of Maryland School of Medicine, and the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS). MEMSS-RIG faculty are committed to advancing the practice of prehospital medicine through ongoing research. Members have contributed to  a number of peer-reviewed articles and have worked on the development of evidence based guidelines for EMS triage, pain management, and aeromedica transport. Examples of ongoing research projects include:

1. A cost effetive analysis of fire-department based community CPR programs
2. The impact of a local freestanding ED upon surronding emergency medical services jurisdiction
3. Review of aeromedical transport and utilization within Maryland
4. Cochrane-style review of post-arrest percutaneous coronary intervention
The Section of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine actively collaborates with clinicians from the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center and affiliated institutions to collect and analyze data related to transport medicine. 



Areas of Ongoing Research and Clinical Interest


1. Clinical interventions performed enroute to definitive care: Study of care "density" provided by critical care transport clinicians. Lead investigator: Quincy Tran 
2. Improvement in respiratory therapy parameters following implementation of Hamilton T1 ventilator: Examination of patient focused parameters related to improved respiratory care in transport. Lead investigator: Quincy Tran, Ben Lawner


Selected Peer Reviewed Faculty Publications



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