Department Blog - December 2014

Posted 12/4/2014 by Linda Kesselring

Gender-Specific Research in Emergency Care

Dr. Kinjal Sethuraman and Dr. Semhar Tewelde presented the results of their studies of gender-specific aspects of trauma resuscitation and ischemic heart disease, respectively, at the consensus conference titled “Gender-Specific Research in Emergency Care: Investigate, Understand, and Translate How Gender Affects Patient Outcomes.” The meeting was sponsored by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and held in Dallas in May. Their articles describing the studies were published in the “early view” section of Academic Emergency Medicine website in November.

Posted 12/1/2014 by Linda Kesselring

Critical Care Issue of EMCNA

Our department is once again well represented on the pages of Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. The November issue, on the topic of critical care, was co-edited by Haney Mallemat, MD. Articles were contribued by Drs. David Wacker and Mike Winters ("Shock"), Dr. Michael Scott with Dr. Mallemat ("Assessing Volume Status"), Drs. Kim Boswell and Jay Menaker ("Assessment and Treatment of the Trauma Patient in Shock"), Drs. John Greenwood and Dan Herr ("Mechanical Support"), and Dr. Wendy Chang ("Neurotrauma"). Dr. Mallemat's co-editor on this project was Evie Marcolini, MD, formerly a member of our faculty and now on the emergency medicine and neurosurgery faculties at Yale University. Dr. Amal Mattu serves as the consulting editor for the Clinics series.