Department Blog - April 2023

Posted 4/12/2023 by Eileen O'Brien

Sustainable surgical resource project in Haiti

Associate Professor Quincy Tran, MD, PhD, is among the authors of “Sustainable surgical resource initiative for Haiti: the SSRI-Haiti project,” published in Global Health Action. 2023;16:1. Begun after the 2010 earthquake, the capacity-building project was designed to deliver staff training support and visiting medical personnel for two operating rooms and an intensive care unit at St. Luke's Medical Center in Port-au-Prince and a remote surgical center in Port-Salut.

Zachary Dezman, MD, MS, Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Epidemiology and Public Health, together with 3 representatives of the Federation of American Scientists, submitted a comment to the US Food and Drug Administration recommending steps to address the systemic bias arising from the use of pulse oximeters. Contributing to the comment were Adjunct Professors of Pediatrics Roderick King, MD, MPH and Joseph Wright, MD, MPH, and EM physician Joel E. Klein, MD.

Emergency Medicine resident Christina M. Sajak, MD, Assistant Professor Kevin M. Semelrath, MD, Associate Professor Laura J. Bontempo, MD, MEd, and Assistant Professor T. Andrew Windsor, MD authored “45-year-old Male with Bilateral Lower Extremity Wounds, Swelling, and Rash,” published February 9 in Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine. 2023;7(1):9-14. DOI: 10.5811/cpcem.2022.11.58813