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Posted 6/15/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Article Documents Incidence of Difficult IV Access

Michael Witting, MD, MS, and Mak Moayedi, MD, published an article titled “Incidence of Advanced Intravenous Access in 2 Urban EDs” in the May 2015 issue of the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Their co-authors include Bryan Stover, MD, and Ashley Miller, BA, who were students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine at the time of the study and manuscript preparation. The investigators found a similar incidence (3.2%) in the need for advanced techniques to establish an IV line at UMMC’s adult ED and the ED at Mercy Medical Center. Their findings have implications for resource utilization, including strategies to minimize the delays in care that are associated with difficulty in gaining IV access.

Posted 6/14/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Mattu Receives CORD Award

Amal Mattu, MD, received the Distinguished Educator Award from the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors in April. The award recognizes Dr. Mattu's success in the development of enduring educational materials, specifically his publication of ECGs for the Emergency Physician (with sales of 30,000 around the world and translations into Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese) and his online curriculum, ECG Weekly, through which Dr. Mattu has posted weekly ECG cases since September 2011. This online tutorial has been viewed by health care providers in more than 200 countries and has logged 6.2 million minutes (12 years!) of video time watched.

Posted 6/12/2015 by Linda Kesselring

IFEM Article on Professional Development Curriculum

Terry  Mulligan, DO, MPH, along with colleagues from the United Kingdom, Australia, and other medical centers in the United States, published an article in the May issue of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, which presents a framework for a continuing professional development curriculum. The article was written on behalf of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, as the third in a series that began with the publication of model curriculums for undergraduate (medical school) and graduate (residency) training. It also presents a detailed tabulation of the features of national continuing medical education programs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and China.

Posted 6/10/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Peds Residents Assess Teddy Bears

Barrie Bostick, MD, Melissa Rice, MD, and Ashley Strobel, MD, all EM/Peds residents, participated in the Teddy Bear Clinic at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center on Saturday, May 30. Dozens of children and their teddy bears experienced the full emergency department treatment, from registration and triage to the examination and the use of splints and nebulizers, as required. This semi-annual community outreach program helps to demystify the emergency medicine process for children and their parents.

Posted 5/29/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Mulligan Receives Award from AAEM

Terry Mulligan, DO, MPH, is this year’s recipient of the International Emergency Medicine Leadership Award from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. The award honors Dr. Mulligan’s 15 years of leadership, service, and scholarship in the field of international emergency medicine and global acute care development for AAEM, the American College of Emergency Physicians, the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, and other national and global emergency medicine organizations.


Posted 5/7/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Stroke Care Within the Golden Hour

Kyle Fischer, MD, MPH, published a letter in the April issue of JAMA Neurology, in which he discussed the methodology used by a group of German physicians in their study of the dispatch of a stroke emergency mobile unit and use of prehospital thrombolysis. Dr. Fischer's comments can be read at

Posted 4/30/2015 by Linda Kesselring

"Need-to-Know" EM Articles of 2014

You can read summaries of recent publications on the practice of emergency medicine in the current issue of the International Journal of Emergency Medicine. That issue contains a compilation by Drs. Maite Huis in 't Veld, Tu Carol Nguyen, Joe Martinez, and Amal Mattu, in which they summarize 33 articles on a variety of emergency medicine topics, including airway management, cardiology, infectious diseases, and toxicology. Their article is available at

Posted 4/15/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Bryan Hayes Publishes Article on Social Media Use

Bryan Hayes, PharmD, is the lead author of the article titled “Social Media in the Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum: Social Media Responses to the Residents’ Perspective Article,” which has been published online by Annals of Emergency Medicine. The article is highlighted as an Editor’s Choice for Clinicians.

Posted 4/13/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Mattu Presents Cardiology Lectures in Netherlands

Amal Mattu, MD, was the keynote speaker at the 2nd Dutch Congress on Emergency Cardiology, held at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, Netherlands, on March 26 and 27. He presented lectures on the following topics:

  • Electrocardiography of Myocardial Ischemia and Mimics
  • High Risk Arrhythmias
  • Electrocardiography of the Patient With Syncope
  • Modern Management of Cardiogenic Shock
  • ACS in the Elderly Patient: When Traditional Teaching Falls Short
  • Emergency Cardiology 2015: The Articles You Must Know!

Posted 4/10/2015 by Linda Kesselring

Medical Student Wins EMRA Grant

Kinjal Sethuraman, MD, MPH, is pleased to announce that her mentee, Taylor Douglas, a second-year student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, has been awarded a $1000 research grant from the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association. The grant will fund the statistical analysis of data that Ms. Douglas has collected regarding children treated by the Hyperbaric Medicine Program in the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. The project will delineate the characteristics of children at greatest risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.