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Posted 5/23/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

More UMEM highlights and an award winner at AAEM24

Professor Michael Bond, MD, is this year's recipient of the Robert McNamara Award, bestowed by the AAEM in recognition of his outstanding contributions to AAEM in matters of academic leadership. Dr. Bond received the award at the organization's 30th anniversary dinner on Tuesday evening, April 30. 

Earlier that day, the education programs and meetings featured: 

  • Dr. Bond presented a track session on “Back Pain that Kills—Deadly Causes that Can’t Be Missed” 
  • Assistant Professor Jason Adler, MD, moderated a Breve Dulce session with Assistant Professor Kathleen Stephanos, MD
  • Associate Professor and Residency Program Director Sarah Dubbs, MD, co-moderated a Breve Dulce session. 
  • Dr. Stephanos was a facilitator for the “Pediatric EKGs Workshop” small group clinic. 

On the assembly's last day, May 1: 

  • Assistant Professor Gregory N. Jasani, MD, presented a session titled “When the Unthinkable Happens: Acute Radiation Syndrome.” 
  • Dr. Bontempo gave a talk on “Head Hole Hemorrhage.”

Posted 5/21/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

More UMEM faculty contributions at AAEM24

At the AAEM Assembly in Austin, on April 28:

  • Professor and Vice Chair Mike Winters, MD, and Associate Professor Laura Bontempo, MD, MEd, presented MyEMCert Prep, a recertification course. 
  • Professor and Vice Chair Amal Mattu, MD, co-directed the Advanced Electrocardiography Workshop and presented a plenary session on “Emergency Cardiology 2024: The Articles You’ve Got to Know!”
  • Dr. Bontempo moderated a track session with presentations on 4 aspects of emergency diagnoses and treatments. 
  • Dr. Winters co-led a plenary session on “Recent Resuscitation and Critical Care Articles You’ve Got to Know!”  
  • Associate Professor Mak Moayedi, MD, taught a small group workshop on Esophageal Variceal Tamponade Balloon (Blakemore) and Pigtail Chest Tube. Workshop facilitators included Clinical Instructors Bobbi-Jo Lowie, MD, Gabriella Miller, MD, and Rachel Wiltjer, DO, and Assistant Professors Lauren S. Rosenblatt, MD, and Cheyenne Falat, MD.

On April 29: 

  • Assistant Professor Jason Adler, MD, presented a track session on “Reimbursement Updates: What’s New and Lessons Learned from the Guideline Transition.” 
  • Dr. Bontempo delivered a Breve Dulce talk on “Tricky Trachs.”

More presentations from UMEM faculty to the AAEM Assembly will be featured in a future entry.

Posted 5/18/2024 by Eileen O'Brien


EM faculty presented and led numerous classes, presentations, and workshops throughout AAEM24, the 30th Scientific Assembly of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, April 27-May 1 in Austin, TX. On every day of the assembly, our faculty members taught courses, directed workshops, and moderated discussions for the national audience of more than 1,000 emergency physicians, residents, and students. 

On April 27: 

  • Assistant Professor Alexis Salerno, MD, hosted the Sim SonoSleuthing Case Competition, in which teams were challenged to use ultrasound in their examinations of patient models and arrive at a correct diagnosis. 
  • Professor Mike Winters, MD, MPH, directed a full-day course on “Resuscitation for Emergency Physicians,” with help from Assistant Professor Kami Hu, MD, as faculty for sessions on “Mastering ED Mechanical Ventilation,” “Critical Interventions in Sepsis Resuscitation,” and “Caring for the Critically Ill ICU Boarder.”

The next blog entries will highlight UMEM activities at the assembly from April 28 to May 1.

First-year resident Robert Dunn, MD, delivered a talk titled “Drop the Mic #1: The Patient-Payer Relationship” at the national ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC, on April 14. The talk was part of the conference's Health Policy Primer, presented by the ACEP Young Physicians Section and the Emergency Medicine Residents Association.

Posted 4/23/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

EM resident advances to final round of CPC competition

EM/Peds resident Taylor Lindquist, DO, was named Best Resident Presenter at the Clinical Pathologic Case Competition (CPC) national semifinals at the Council of Residency Directors (CORD) meeting in New Orleans, LA, on March 28. She will compete in the final round at the ACEP24 scientific assembly in September. Instructor Rachel Wiltjer, DO, and resident Robert Iannaccone, MD, were among the CPC runners-up. Assistant Clerkship Director Kathleen Stephanos, MD, served as a judge in other divisions of the competition.

Posted 4/19/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

Global audience for emergency cardiology symposium

“Cardiology Challenges,” the EM Department’s annual emergency cardiology symposium, was presented on the UMB campus April 3. Professor and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs Amal Mattu, MD, organized the conference. About 60 emergency clinicians on campus attended, as did 500 online participants from around the globe. Video proceedings of the conference are expected to reach more than 2,000 additional registrants, who may view it at their convenience.

Lecturers included Assistant Professor Leen Alblaihed, MBBS, MPH, on “Soundwaves of Survival: Echocardiography’s Role in Peri-Arrest Cases,” Associate Professor Semhar Tewelde, MD, on “Sick AF: Atrial Fibrillation in Critical Illness,” and Clinical Instructor and Cardiology Fellow Rohit Menon, MD, on “Third Time’s NOT the Charm? Management of Electrical Storm.”

Posted 4/18/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

Maryland ACEP names president and honorees from UMEM

The EM Department hosted the annual meeting and education conference of the Maryland Chapter of the ACEP, the American College of Emergency Physicians, on April 11 at the SMC Campus Center. Professor Michael Bond, MD, began his term as Maryland ACEP President, and resident Satya Vedula, MD, began his term as the UMEM residents’ representative on the organization's board.

EM resident and faculty development fellow Bri Klucher, MD, won the conference’s annual Larry Linder Resident Lecture competition. Other honors went to Professor Stephen M. Schenkel, MD, MPP, named Chairperson of the Year, and Associate Professor Dan Gingold, MD, MPH, named EMS Physician of the Year.

The 2024 edition of Carol Rivers’ Emergency Medicine: Preparing for the Written Board Exam and Review of Core Content features chapters by eleven members of the EM faculty: Michael C. Bond, MD, orthopedic emergencies; Laura Bontempo, MD, and Brian Browne, MD, cutaneous disorders; Sarah Dubbs, MD, hematologic disorders; Danya Khoujah, MBBS, nervous system disorders; Hong K. Kim, MD, MPH, toxicologic disorders; Ben Lawner, DO, emergency medicine services; Joseph Martinez, MD, abdominal and gastrointestinal disorders; Bennett Myers, MD, endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional disorders; Sarah Sommerkamp, MD, gynecologic and obstetric disorders; and Gentry Wilkerson, MD, immune system disorders. The editor-in-chief of this edition is Amal Mattu, MD

UMEM has more faculty contributors to this book than any other emergency medicine program in the country. The 11th edition will be published in print and digital formats on Jan. 1, 2024.

The American Board of Emergency Medicine has released its 2025 reading list for ABEM-certified physicians preparing to meet Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) requirements. The list includes “High-dose nitroglycerin infusion description of safety and efficacy in sympathetic crashing acute pulmonary edema: the HI-DOSE SCAPE study” by Professor Amal Mattu, MD, and UMMC clinical pharmacy specialists Ashley Martinelli, PharmD, Wesley D. Oliver, PharmD, Brandon Houseman, PharmD, and Sandeep Devabhakthuni, PharmD. Ten articles are selected annually for the list.

Posted 12/19/2023 by Eileen O'Brien

UMEM Faculty in the Media: Cold Weather Warnings

Assistant Professor Cheyenne Falat, MD, discussed hypothermia and safety measures for extreme cold weather in an interview with FOX45 Morning News on Nov. 29, as Baltimore City issued its first Code Blue for extreme cold. Instructor Sarah Lee, MD, was interviewed for “Why you feel more aches and pains in the cold weather — and what you can do about it,” published Dec. 8 by Fox News online and reprinted in the New York Post and on Yahoo! News.