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Posted 1/10/2019 by Linda Kesselring

Dr. Dezman Quoted in AP Story on Second Chance App

Zachary Dezman, MD, MS, MS, was contacted by the Associated Press to comment on Second Chance, an app developed at the University of Washington and now being tested for its ability to detect the shallow breathing that suggests opioid overdose. Installed on a smartphone, the software uses the microphone and speaker to send out inaudible sound waves and then record how they bounce back. Analysis of the signals indicates the slowing or cessation of breathing. In its current stage of development, the app requires a bystander to interpret the alarm and summon help for an opioid user in trouble. The developers are working on technology that would call for help independently when signs of overdose are detected. 

The article, including Dr. Dezman's perspective, can be read here:

The app and its preliminary test results are described in the January issue of Science Translational Medicine.