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Posted 5/23/2024 by Eileen O'Brien

More UMEM highlights and an award winner at AAEM24

Professor Michael Bond, MD, is this year's recipient of the Robert McNamara Award, bestowed by the AAEM in recognition of his outstanding contributions to AAEM in matters of academic leadership. Dr. Bond received the award at the organization's 30th anniversary dinner on Tuesday evening, April 30. 

Earlier that day, the education programs and meetings featured: 

  • Dr. Bond presented a track session on “Back Pain that Kills—Deadly Causes that Can’t Be Missed” 
  • Assistant Professor Jason Adler, MD, moderated a Breve Dulce session with Assistant Professor Kathleen Stephanos, MD
  • Associate Professor and Residency Program Director Sarah Dubbs, MD, co-moderated a Breve Dulce session. 
  • Dr. Stephanos was a facilitator for the “Pediatric EKGs Workshop” small group clinic. 

On the assembly's last day, May 1: 

  • Assistant Professor Gregory N. Jasani, MD, presented a session titled “When the Unthinkable Happens: Acute Radiation Syndrome.” 
  • Dr. Bontempo gave a talk on “Head Hole Hemorrhage.”