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Posted 10/13/2021 by Deborah Stein

The Crashing Patient 11

The Department of Emergency Medicine presented its 11th annual The Crashing Patient: Resuscitation and Risk Management Conference October 5–7, 2021, directed by Amal Mattu, MD, Professor. The third day of the event featured an administrative conference for the second year in a row, codirected by Amitabh Chandra, MD, Assistant Professor; Stephen M. Schenkel, MD, MPP, Associate Professor; and Mercedes Torres, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, as well as a Cadaver Lab Procedures Workshop directed by Mak Moayedi, MD, Associate Professor, and taught by Michael L. Billet, MD, Assistant Professor; Cheyenne Falat, MD, Instructor; Sam King, MD, Clinical Instructor; Lauren Rosenblatt, MD, Instructor; Rebecca Rubenstein, MD, Clinical Instructor; Douglas G. Sward, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor; and Dominic M. Williams, DO, Clinical Instructor. The conference included the following presentations by members of the department’s faculty:

  • Michael K. Abraham, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor: “Your Neurons Don’t Like Lawsuits: High Risk Neurological Presentations”
  • Leen Alblaihed, MBBS, MHA, Assistant Professor: “Focus on POCUS:
    • Don’t Let the RV Strain You”
    • Don’t Stress with Respiratory Distress”
    • ECHO for Cath Lab Activation?!”
  • Michael C. Bond, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, Professor: “E3 - Extreme Extremity Emergencies”
  • Laura J. Bontempo, MD, MEd, Associate Professor: “More than Just a Sore Throat: Killer ENT Infections”
  • Kenneth H. Butler, DO, Associate Professor: “Current Management of the Difficult Airway”
  • Sarah B. Dubbs, MD, Assistant Professor: “Do No Harm: Usual Care That Can Harm Your Oncology Patient”
  • Dr. Falat: “One Hot Mess: Resuscitating Heat Illness”
  • J. David Gatz, MD, Assistant Professor: “Transplant Train Wrecks”
  • Kami M. Hu, MD, Assistant Professor: “Submersion Iatrogenica: Breaking the Hippocratic Oath”
  • Dr. King: “Focus on POCUS: IVC Pitfalls in Fluid Resuscitation”
  • Priya S. Kuppusamy, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor: “Peace Out! AMA Disasters”
  • Benjamin J. Lawner, DO, MS, EMT-P, Associate Professor: “Tales from the Bleeding Edge: Tips for Terrible Traumatic Resuscitations”
  • Rhamin Ligon, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor: “Selling Emergency Medicine to the C-Suite”
  • Joseph P. Martinez, MD, Associate Professor: “The Crashing Cirrhotic”
  • Dr. Mattu: “ECG Disasters and Near-Disasters! (Parts 1 and 2)”
  • Neeraja T. Murali, DO, Assistant Professor: “Tiny Tots with Tummy Aches: A Crash Course in Peds GI Emergencies”
  • Anthony R. Roggio, MD, Assistant Professor: “Building Telehealth”
  • Dr. Rosenblatt: “A Shocking Tale of Refractory VFib”
  • Dr. Rubenstein: “Pharmacologic Pitfalls at Discharge”
  • Alexis Salerno, MD, Assistant Professor: “Focus on POCUS:
    • The FAST Exam - Saving Your Next Non-Trauma Patient”
    • Deadly Diagnoses Hiding in the Dirty Shadow”
  • Dr. Schenkel: “Administrative Pandemic M&M”
  • Angela D. Smedley, MD, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Gatz: “Cases in ED Administration”
  • Ryan Michael Spangler, MD, Assistant Professor: “Atypical Presentation, Typical Risk ‘Down There’ ”
  • Mark E. Sutherland, MD, Assistant Professor: “The Crashing Intubated Patient”
  • Semhar Z. Tewelde, MD, Assistant Professor: “Killer B”
  • R. Gentry Wilkerson, MD, Associate Professor: “Managing the Sick Sickle Cell Patient”
  • Dr. Williams: “Psychiatric Emergencies: When Mental Health Meets Critical Care”
  • T. Andrew Windsor, MD, Assistant Professor: “Spinal Injury Disasters”