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Posted 3/5/2019 by Linda Kesselring

UMEM Faculty Development Seminar

The Department of Emergency Medicine will present a Faculty Development seminar this Thursday, March 7, from 7:45 am to 2:30 pm in the SMC Campus Center. The program’s coordinator is Dr. Danya Khoujah. Lectures will be presented by Dr. Zach Dezman (“How to Critically Appraise a Paper”), Dr. Sarah Dubbs (“Imposter Syndrome”), Dr. Amal Mattu (“Finding Your Niche”), Dr. Kinjal Sethuraman (“Bias in MedEd”), and Dr. Laura Pimentel (“Conflict Resolution”). In the afternoon, Dr. Khoujah will be joined by Casey Antonakos to present the workshop titled “Creating Your Teaching Portfolio.” You can register at this address: