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Amal Mattu, MD, is the editor-in-chief of the second edition of Electrocardiography in Emergency, Acute, and Critical Care. His co-editors are Jeffrey A. Tabas, MD, of San Francisco General Hospital, and William J. Brady, MD, at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Their 18-chapter book was published by the American College of Emergency Physicians in January. The three editors wrote the opening chapter, “The ECG and Clinical Decision-Making in the Emergency Department.” Two other chapters were contributed by emergency medicine faculty members: Semhar Tewelde, MD, and Maite Anna Huis in’t Veld, MD, wrote “ACS Mimics Part I: Non-ACS Causes of ST-Segment Elevation” and Michael Bond, MD, and Leen Alblaihed, MBBS, contributed “Pericarditis, Myocarditis, and Pericardial Effusions.” The book was copyedited by Linda Kesselring, MS, ELS, the technical editor/writer in the Department of Emergency Medicine.