Department Blog

Three professors in the Department of Emergency Medicine have been promoted to vice chairmanship positions, joining Brian Browne, MD, Professor and Chairman, in the department’s administrative leadership:

Amal Mattu, MD, is the new Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, focusing on faculty development and promotions. His duties include the mentoring of faculty members in their academic pursuits; enhancing the department’s education programs for fellows, residents, and medical students; and participating in the recruitment of new faculty members. Dr. Mattu has been the Vice Chair of the department since 2011.

As Vice Chair of Clinical and Administrative Affairs, Michael Winters, MD, MBA, is responsible for the business and administrative aspects of the department. He will negotiate contracts for clinical services, participate in the recruitment of new emergency care providers, and oversee compliance with billing practices. With this appointment, Dr. Winters leaves his position as the clinical director of UMMC’s adult emergency department, a post he held for the past 10 years. The ED’s new clinical director is Angela Smedley, MD, Assistant Professor.

As Vice Chair of Patient Safety and Quality Assurance, Brent King, MD, will develop innovative programs to educate clinical personnel about best practices, identify areas of potential risk and implement mitigation strategies to address them, and ensure the department’s compliance with practice regulations.