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Posted 1/26/2018 by Linda Kesselring

Paramedics Present Results of Studies at NAEMSP Conference

Roger Stone, MD, MS, EMS Medical Director, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, served as collaborator, advisor, and coauthor for two studies conducted by prehospital personnel. The results of those studies were presented as posters at this year’s annual conference of the National Association of EMS Physicians, held in San Diego in January. Captain Jamie Baltrotsky, BS, NRP, presented "Preliminary Impacts of Adding Follow-up Home Visits on Call Volumes Generated by EMS ‘Super-Users’ Enrolled in a New Mobile Integrated Health Protocol" and Lieutenant Timothy Burns, MS, NRP, presented "The AFIRE Trial: Analysis oF medIcatIon storage TempeRatuREs (AFIRE) in a Modern EMS Fleet.”