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Posted 11/29/2017 by Linda Kesselring

UMEM Shines at ACEP17

Seven emergency medicine faculty members were invited speakers at the 2017 Scientific Assembly of the American College of Emergency Physicians, held in Washington, DC, in October. Their topics are listed below:

Michael Winters, MD
• Cruising the Literature: Top Articles in Critical Care
• The ICU is NOT Ready for Your Patient
• Undifferentiated Shock...Making a Difference
George Willis, MD
• Baked Beans: Considerations in AKI & ESRD
• Glands Gone Bad: Endocrine Emergencies
• Aortic Dissection: Are You Missing the Diagnosis?
Amal Mattu, MD
• From Paper to Patient: Recent Advances in Emergency Electrocardiography That Will Save a Life
• Myocardial Ischemia and Mimics: ECG Cases (2-hour workshop)
• Dysrhythmias and Syncope
• Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Time-Critical Interventions
Mimi Lu, MD
• Pediatric Chest Pain and Syncope: Bad or Benign
• Pediatric DKA: Not Just Little People With Hyperglycemia
Elizabeth Clayborne, MD, MA
• InnovatED: Palliative Care Simulation
Wan-Tsu Wendy Chang, MD
• Cranial Nerves: When Is It an Emergency?
• Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: Update on Seizure and Status Management
• 50 Shades of Gray Matter: Neuroimaging in the ED
Michael Bond, MD
• What's the Big Deal with FOAMed?
• Fast Facts: Must-Know Digital Health for Emergency Physicians