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Posted 3/8/2017 by Linda Kesselring

CPC Column in New Journal

Zachary Dezman, MD, and Laura Bontempo, MD, have been named co-editors of a column in a new journal, Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine. Their column, Clinicopathological Cases from the University of Maryland, features descriptions of real patients, with difficult diagnoses, who were assessed and treated in our ED. Based on the format used in CORD's Clinical Pathologic Case Presentation Competition, the articles begin with a resident’s detailed description of a patient’s presentation followed by an attending’s explanation of his or her thought process leading to the diagnosis and an educational section about the disease or condition. The first case report in this series is in the inaugural issue of CPC-EM. Drs. Bontempo and Dezman, in collaboration with Danya Khoujah, MBBS, and Andrew Crouter, MD, present their assessment of an "18-Year-Old Female with a Change in Mental Status” (1:3?8, March 2017).