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Posted 10/21/2016 by Linda Kesselring

Assessing Hospital Readiness for Public Health Emergencies

Jon Mark Hirshon, MD, MPH, PhD, published the article titled “Using Timely Survey-Based Information Networks to Collect Data on Best Practices for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response: Illustrative Case from the American College of Emergency Physicians' Ebola Surveys,” which was published in the August issue of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness (10[4]:681‒690). Through the electronic distribution of surveys that assessed medical facilities’ readiness to assess and treat people infected with the Ebola virus, Dr. Hirshon and his co-authors, members of ACEP's Ebola Expert Panel, demonstrated the ability to monitor the delivery of health care during public health emergencies and to implement “real-time” modifications in health care processes as warranted by survey results.