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Posted 3/9/2016 by Linda Kesselring

National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference

Ben Lawner was a faculty member for the 23rd Annual Conference of the National Collegiate EMS Foundation, held in Philadelphia in late February and attended by more than 1200 college-based EMS providers. Dr. Lawner led a workshop titled “Delirium, Designer Drugs, and Teen Death: Electronic Dance Music Festivals,” which focused on patient encounters during Moonrise Festivals at Pimlico Race Course. He also narrated a trauma skills competition and led a skills lab on resuscitation after cardiac arrest. In a roundtable discussion, Ben reviewed recent articles on resuscitation, airway management, and trauma care, and he participated as a panelist in the final plenary session, describing how he combines his passion for EMS with his career in emergency medicine. In addition to his academic appointment in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Lawner is the Deputy Medical Director for the Baltimore City Fire Department and provides medical oversight to several paramedic programs.