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Posted 3/13/2016 by Linda Kesselring

The Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Stephen Thom, MD, PhD, Professor, Ming Yang, MD, Research Associate, Kevin Yu, MD, Lead Research Specialist, Veena Bhopale, MPhil, PhD, Laboratory Manager, and Svitlana Kovtun, MD, Research Specialist, in the Department of Emergency Medicine, with colleagues from the Perelman School of Medicine, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, and Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, published “Measurements of CD34+/CD45-dim Stem Cells Predict Healing of Diabetic Neuropathic Wounds” in the February issue of the journal Diabetes. After analyzing specimens from patients with foot ulcers, the investigators concluded that the number of blood-borne stem/progenitor cells and the cellular content of hypoxia-inducible factors are indicators of how well wounds will respond to treatment.