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Posted 9/30/2015 by Linda Kesselring

The Role of Microparticles in Decompression Sickness

Documenting his ongoing studies of the role of microparticles in decompression sickness, Stephen Thom, MD, PhD, recently published two articles in the applied physiology literature. His research team of Ming Yang, MS, Veena Bhopale, PhD, and Jasjeet Bhullar, PhD, along with colleagues from the University of Split in Croatia, published “Ascorbic Acid Supplementation Diminishes Microparticle Elevations and Neutrophil Activation Following SCUBA Diving” in the August issue of the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integration and Comparative Physiology. Dr. Thom is the lead author of “Association of Microparticles and Neutrophil Activation with Decompression Sickness,” published in the September issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology. That article presents the findings of an international collaborative investigation, with contributions from Dr. Yang, Dr. Bhopale, and Douglas Sward, MD, along with colleagues from California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, and Sweden.