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Posted 3/14/2015 by Linda Kesselring

National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference

Jennifer Guyther, MD, and Ben Lawner, DO, MS, EMT-P, served on the faculty for the 22nd Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation, presented in Baltimore in late February. Dr. Guyther's talk was titled “Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones: Pediatric Injuries.” Dr. Lawner gave three lectures: "EMS Darwin Awards: Strategies for Survival and Evolution,” “Resuscitation Review 2014: Articles You've Got to Know," and "How Low Do We Go to Stop the Flow? Prehospital Trauma Resuscitation." Dr. Guyther is a Fire Surgeon in the Baltimore County Fire Department, and Dr. Lawner is the Deputy EMS Medical Director in the Balitmore City Fire Department.