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Category: Trauma

Title: Novel prompt for hemmoragic shock resuscitation

Keywords: simulation, trauma, exsanguination, TACTICS, mass transfusion (PubMed Search)

Posted: 12/9/2022 by Robert Flint, MD (Emailed: 12/11/2022) (Updated: 12/11/2022)
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This paper outlines a training course by Hartford Hospital for general surgery and emergency medicine residents. Their goal was to assess pre-and post-training effectiveness of hemorrhagic shock management in a simulation environment.  The training was on using a novel aid (TACTICS) to prompt the participants in appropriate care decisions involving patients with massive hemorrhage.

The bottom line is having a poster in the resuscitation bay helped the health care providers manage hemorrhagic shock patients. Visual prompts work, especially for new and learning physicians.


Please click below to see their fantastic poster.



Tactics for hemorrhagic shock: A virtual course and visual aid for improved resuscitation

Keating, Jane Josephine MD; Silvis, Jennifer DO; Ricaurte, Daniel MD; Desrochers, Ryan MD; Jacobs, Lenworth MD; Saccomanno, Fabio BS; Staff, Ilene PhD; Croteau, Alfred MD; Merchant, Nishant MD; Gates, Jonathan MD

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery: December 2022 - Volume 93 - Issue 6 - p 800-805 doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000003552