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Incidence and Cost of Ankle Sprains US Emergency Departments


In a sample of 225,114 ED patients with ankle sprains:

Lateral ankle sprains represent the vast majority of all ankle sprains (91%).

Lateral ankle sprains incur greater ED charges than medial sprains ($1008 vs. $914).

Lateral ankle sprains were more likely to have associated pain in the limb, sprain of the foot and abrasions of the hip/leg than medial sprains.

Medial sprains were more likely to include imaging.

Hospitalizations were more likely with high ankle sprains than lateral sprains.

There is a higher incidence of ankle sprains in younger patients (≤25 years) and in female patients (57%).


Shah et al., 2016. Incidence and Cost of Ankle Sprains in United States Emergency Departments. Sports Health Novemebr 2016.