UMEM Educational Pearls

What is their risk of MI???

Anger outbursts are bad for your heart. Out of 300 patients with an acute MI, just over 2% reported losing their temper within 2 hours of the event. A review of nine studies of rage and cardiovascular events all found an increase in cardiovascular events in the 2 hours preceding an anger outburst. Examples included arguments at home, at work or by road rage. Compared with their usual anger levels, the relative risk of heart attack from a fit of rage was 8.5.

What about those of us who are just fanatics, I mean fans....A recent study of World Cup soccer found that the intense strain and excitement of viewing a dramatic soccer match more than doubles the risk of acute heart attack, particularly in men with known coronary heart disease. This was regardless of the outcome of the match!


Eichner, E. Randy. Current Sports Medicine Reports: March/April 2016