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Category: Orthopedics

Title: Achilles tendon rupture

Keywords: Achilles tendon rupture (PubMed Search)

Posted: 2/27/2016 by Brian Corwell, MD
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Achilles tendon rupture

More common in

men, ages 30 - 40yo, s/p steroid injections, fluoroquinolone use, and episodic athletes "weekend warriors

Mechanism: usually during an athletic endeavor, sudden forced planar flexion or violent dorsiflexion of a plantar flexed foot

Location: Usually occurs 4 to 6 cm ABOVE the Achilles calcaneal insertion (hypovascular region)

Patient will report a sudden pop, gunshot like sound

History: Will report heel and calf pain and weakness/inability to walk

Physical examination: Palpable gap, weakness with plantar flexion, + Thompsons test

Consult orthopedics and splint in resting equinus