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Category: Airway Management

Title: Bimanual Laryngoscopy

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Posted: 3/16/2009 by Rob Rogers, MD (Updated: 9/27/2022)
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Keys to a Successful Intubation

  • Use both hands-bimanual laryngoscopy should be a routine part of ED intubations.
  • Don't forget that you CAN let up cricoid pressure-this can actually obscure your view and make your job more difficult.
  • For obese patients, make sure you elevate them. You want their ear level with their sternal notch. This might require A LOT of pillows or towels.
  • Use a "straight-to-cuff" technique for stylet shaping. This is accomplished by making the stylet straight down to the cuff and then making a 15-20 degree bend at the cuff.


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