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New progress in head injury prevention in football

A Guardian Cap is a soft padded soft shell worn over football helmets.

Think of it like a shock absorber

It is intended to mitigate energy transfer to the head and neck during player impacts.

It retails for about $70 on amazon!

Most NFL players have worn these caps during preseason practices for the past 2 years.

The NFL found a 52% reduction in preseason concussions (at the same position) between players who wore the cap versus those who did not.

In laboratory testing the Guardian cap reduced head impact forces by up to 1/3rd in certain impacts. 

Per NFL analytics, the Guardian cap absorbs 10% of the traumatic force. 

Additionally, if two players suffer a helmet to helmet hit in which each wears the cap, the impact force is reduced by 20%!

The NFL has allowed players to wear the caps this year 

They will have the team logos on them 

2024 season:  Players will wear the caps or one of 6 approved helmets (position specific) that provide equal or better protection.

If your child plays football, consider investing in this product as a potential means to reduce head impact forces and concussion.

More data is needed during regular season games with full speed collisions.