UMEM Educational Pearls

PECARN  has a decision tool to identify blunt trauma patients under age 18 who are low probability for important intra-abdominal injuries. The questions to ask are:

  1.  Evidence of abdominal wall trauma/seatbelt sign
  2. GCS <14 with abdominal trauma
  3. Abdominal tenderness
  4. >1 of thoracic wall trauma, vomiting, complaint of abdominal pain, decreased breath sounds

Answering no to all yields  <0.1% chance of intra-abdominal trauma requiring intervention.  (See MedCalc link for other calculations)

A prospective validation study in the Lancet yielded 100% sensitivity and negative predictive value in 7542 patients under age 18  

This tool can likely be used to guide imaging choices in pediatric blunt abdominal trauma patients


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