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Category: Trauma

Title: Death by Firearm is a Rural and an Urban Issue

Keywords: firearm, death, suicide, intentional, (PubMed Search)

Posted: 5/25/2023 by Robert Flint, MD (Emailed: 5/28/2023) (Updated: 4/22/2024)
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This study looked at 20 years of death by firearm and stratified the location of death from urban to rural. The authors concluded:

“Descriptively, in all county types and both decades of the study, per capita gun suicides were more common than per capita gun homicides, and the most rural counties had higher rates of firearm death compared with the most urban counties. Firearm death rates were meaningfully higher in 2011-2020 compared with 2001-2010, primarily because of an increase in gun suicides.”



Paul M. Reeping, PhD1Allison Mak, MD2,3Charles C. Branas, PhD1; et al

Firearm Death Rates in Rural vs Urban US Counties

JAMA Surg. Published online April 26, 2023. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2023.0265