UMEM Educational Pearls

Recommended follow-up for common orthopedic injuries

Initial follow up within a 5-7 days. If surgery needed, usually wait until swelling has decreased and surgery performed after 7 days.

Within 5-7 days. Regardless of reduction, often needs surgery due to high risk of collapse. Again surgery can wait into 2nd week.

Barton (volar and dorsal tilt)
Same as Smith for both
Scapholunate dissociation
Within 5-7 days for 1st visit. Needs to be operated on within 3-4 weeks otherwise window for "repair" is gone.
Lunate dislocation
Within 3-5 days to assess reduction and neurovascular status. Higher risk of Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Perilunate dislocation
Within 3-5 days to assess stability, reduction, and neuro status.
Galeazzi (or any DRUJ injury)
Within 3-5 days as will need surgery ASAP.
Scaphoid fx seen on film
Within 5-7 days for X-ray and casting.
Scaphoid fx suspected
Within 7 days for evaluation. Usually followed 2 weeks later for X-rays.
Triquetral fracture
Within 5-7 days.