UMEM Educational Pearls

  • Evaluating the systolic function of the RV is an important skill and there are described methods.
  • One of the simplest method is using the tricuspid annular plane of systolic excursion (or T.A.P.S.E.)
  • This is how far the tricuspid annulus travels from diastole to systole because the RV contracts in a longitudinal fashion from the base (diastole) to the apex (systole)
  • A TAPSE of <17mm is consistent with abnormal function and >17mm is normal. An eyeball method of assessment can be done when grossly obvious or M-mode can be used when an accurate assessment is required.
  • The clip below demonstrates the technique, which should always be performed from an apical four-chamber view.
  • Want more info on the RV, then click here for a whole podcast on it.


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