UMEM Educational Pearls

Category: Airway Management

Title: Concussion treatment

Keywords: Concussion, patient education (PubMed Search)

Posted: 10/11/2014 by Brian Corwell, MD
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There is no effective pharmacologic treatment known to hasten recovery from concussion. In future pearls we will examine possible interventions that may help.

The importance of educating our patients was demonstrated in two studies looking at concussion education. Patients were separated into 2 groups. The intervention group received a booklet of information discussing common symptoms of concussion, suggested coping strategies and the likely time course of recovery. At a 3 month follow-up evaluation, the intervention group reported fewer symptoms. This was repeated in pediatric patients with similar results.

Take Home: Consider taking the time to put such an information sheet together for concussed patients seen in the ED.


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