UMEM Educational Pearls

A recent article showed that District of Columbia's Prescription Drug Monitoring program (PDMP) did not change the amount of opioids prescribed after conversion to MMEs (mg morphine equivalents). It is surprising to see a varying effect of PDMPs across the USA. Some have seen dramatic decreases up to 60% in Colorado versus an actual increase of over 50% in Connecticut. Usability, lack of interstate connectivity and quality of information have been seen as rate limiting factors in the efficacy of PDMPs.

PDMPs, by themselves, are not the answer to prescription drug abuse but are an excellent adjunct. Maryland ACEP and a committee chaired by Dr. Suzanne Doyon, Director of the Poison Center, have developed Opioid Prescribing Guidelines and a Discharge pamphlet that can utilized by hospitals to assist with this epidemic. The guidelines and pamphlet have been endorsed by MDPCC, MDACEP, DHMH and a multitude of other Maryland state agencies. I have attached the guidelines.


Prescription drug monitoring and dispensing of prescription opioids.

Brady JE, Wunsch H, DiMaggio C, Lang BH, Giglio J, Li G.

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