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Category: Pediatrics

Title: Neonatal Resuscitation

Keywords: Neonatal Resuscitation, Newborn, Transilluminate, Meconoium Aspiration, Zip Lock Bag (PubMed Search)

Posted: 7/14/2007 by Sean Fox, MD (Emailed: 7/8/2007) (Updated: 12/2/2023)
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Neonatal Resuscitation 3 Key Questions to ask of your pregnant patients: ==> Are you having twins (or more)? ==> When is your due date? ==> What color is the fluid? Magic numbers for Neonatal Resuscitation: ==> HR < 100 (or persistent central cyanosis or apnea) = positive pressure ventilation ==> HR < 60 = chest compressions +/- epinephrine If there is meconium present and ==> The infant is depressed, then use meconium aspirator (aspirate the airway via the ETT) ==> The infant is vigorous, then resuscitate as usual (dry, clear airway, assess circulation/color) When resuscitating an infant who is <28wks GA, do not dry with towels as you would an older neonate, instead ==> Place the child in a food grade polyethylene bag (Zip Lock bag), to prevent heat loss and avoid losing valuable time during the resuscitation. For infants not responding to resuscitation, TRANSILLUMINATE the chest to determine if there is a pneumothorax.