UMEM Educational Pearls


75 y/o M is brought in by EMS after he fell off the light rail and hit his head. In the ED he is A&Ox3, and is asking for a urinal. Two minutes later the tech comes running to show you the following:

What is the cause of this patients Jolly Rancher Green Apple looking urine sample? 


Pamabrom side effect. Patient admitted to taking an “over the counter diuretic” called Diurex. The generic name is pamabrom. Pamabrom is a xanthine diuretic with only modest diuretic effect. It is marked mostly for weight loss to lose “water weight” and for relief of bloating during menstruation. A common side effect of the pills is a blue, green or golden discoloration of the urine. The capsules do not have the same side effect. The side effect is otherwise harmless and will disappear after stopping the diurex.