UMEM Educational Pearls


56 year-old male with history of hypertension presents with complaints of right scrotal swelling and pain. Denies any urinary symptoms, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting or change in bowel habits or prior episodes. Temp was 99.0.

A scrotal ultrasound was done and an image of the right testis was seen (below). What's the diagnosis?





Answer: Right Epididymitis (and Hydrocele)



Take Home Points:

  • Epididymitis is heterogeneous on grayscale US
    • 100% sensitivity of acute inflammation if hypervascular on Color Doppler
  • Treatment:
    • Age < 35 years and sexually active - more commonly caused by C. trachomatis or N. gonorrhoeae
      • Ceftriaxone 250mg IM once + Doxycycline 100mg BID x 10 days
    • Age > 35 years - more comonly caused by obstructive urinary disease (enteric organisms)
      • Levaquin 500mg daily x 10 days OR Ofloxacin 300mg BID x 10 days


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