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Category: Cardiology

Title: new STEMI guidelines

Keywords: clopidogrel, ACS, STEMI, myocardial infarction (PubMed Search)

Posted: 2/3/2008 by Amal Mattu, MD (Updated: 7/14/2024)
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The ACC/AHA just recently published a "Focused Update" of their guidelines for management of ST-elevation MI. Amongst the changes:

Clopidogrel 75 mg per day orally should be added to aspirin in patients with STEMI who receive thrombolytics.

Clopidogrel 300-600 mg orally should be added to aspirin in patients that are going for PCI for STEMI. This is listed as a Class I intervention, although the level of evidence is rated "C." In other words, it is judged to be definitely helpful though based on not-so-robust evidence (you figure that one out!).

Glycoprotein receptor antagonists can also be added (Class IIa, level of evidence B).

[I personally believe there is better evidence for the GP2B3A inhibitors than for clopidogrel, but there is a general push for more and more guideline writers to support clopidogrel. The number of writers for these ACC/AHA guidelines who have affiliations with the drug companies, including the ones that manufacture clopidogrel (Plavix), is tremendous; the list of disclosures is listed at the back of the document. Nevertheless, people tend to want to follow guidelines, and the boards will test you on this stuff so it is worth knowing.]

[Also for the record, if I have a STEMI, here's what I want: 162 mg ASA (not 325 mg), unfractionated heparin (not enoxaparin), abciximab/ReoPro (not eptifibitide/Integrilin) in the cath lab (not in the ER), and quick PCI; if I can't get the PCI within 60 minutes (not 90, but 60 minutes!), give me either tenectaplase or retaplase (not tPA) + 162 mg ASA + UFH; if I have a lot of pain that is not responding to NTG, give me dilaudid or fentanyl (not morphine)...and some Bailey's on ice; add oral BBs, ACEIs, and a statin at the 24 hour mark, NOT any earlier (early BBs only if I have Bailey's-resistant hypertension). Thanks.]