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Title: Neonatal Jaundice (submitted by Brad Cotter, MD)

Posted: 4/29/2016 by Mimi Lu, MD (Emailed: 4/30/2016) (Updated: 4/30/2016)
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Neonatal jaundice- Incidence ~85% of term newborns

Bili levels are EXPECTED to rise during first 5 days of life

Be aware of CONJUGATED hyperbilirubinemias (biliary atresia, infection)

Majority of cases due to increase in unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin 2/2 residual fHgb breakdown and insufficient capacity of hepatic conjugation

Severe hyperbilirubinemia (Tbili >20mg/dL) <2% of term infants 

Acute bilirubin encephalopathy(ABE)- Hypertonia, arching, opisthotonos, fever, high pitched cry


Kernicterus (5% of ABE)-CP, MR, auditory dysfunction, upward gaze palsy


When to refer for phototherapy/exchange transfusion

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