UMEM Educational Pearls

There is not much data published on susceptabilities of urinary pathogens in infants. What resistance patterns are seen in infants < 2 months in gram negative uropathogens?

A retrospective study of previously healthy infants diagnosed with urinary tract infections in Jerusalem over a 6 year period examined this question. The standard treatment at this hospital included ampicillin and gentamycin for less than 1 month olds and ampicillin or cefuroxime for 1-2 month olds.

306 UTIs were diagnosed

74% were resistant to ampicillin

22% were resistant to cefazolin and augmentin

8% were resistant to cefuroxime

7% were resistant to gentamycin

Of the organisms cultured, 76% were E. coli and 14% were Klebsiella.

Bottom line: Know your local resistance patterns.


Segal Z et al. Infants under two months of age with urinary tract infections are showing increasing resistance to empirical and oral antibiotics. Acta Paediatrica. Dec 2015. Epub ahead of print.