UMEM Educational Pearls

A recent study compared IV metoclopramide to IV acetaminophen for pain relief in primary headaches in the ED. 100 patients were randomized to either receiving 10 mg of IV metoclopramide, or 1 g of IV acetaminophen.
The results? Patients had better faster pain relief with acetaminophen IV (at 15 minutes, vs 30 minutes for Metoclopramide), and both drugs had the same therapeutic effect at 2 hours.
Bottom Line? Don't discount the benefit of acetaminophen in managing headaches in the ED.


Faridaalaee G et al. Comparison of Intravenous Metoclopramide and Acetaminophen in Primary Headaches: a Randomized Controlled Trial, Emerg (Tehran). 2015 Spring; 3(2): 70 74.