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Category: Pediatrics

Title: Newly Diagnosed ITP in Children

Keywords: ITP, Leukemia, Steroids, IVIG, Anti-Rh(d), Bone Marrow Aspiration (PubMed Search)

Posted: 1/11/2008 by Sean Fox, MD (Updated: 7/17/2024)
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Pediatric ITP – Bone Marrow Aspiration


  • ITP is an acquired disorder characterized by:
    • thrombocytopenia (platelet < 150)
    • a purpuric rash
    • normal bone marrow
    • the absence of signs of other identifiable causes of thrombocytopenia.


  • Therapeutic options include Steroids, IVIG, and Ant-Rh(d)
    • For patients with new Diagnosis, consultation with a hematologist is warranted:
    • Despite the growing number of studies that state there is a low probability of newly diagnosed leukemia presenting as isolated thrombocytopenia, the risk exists.
    • Bone Marrow Bx is the Gold Standard prior to starting steroids currently.
    • Steroids may partially treat a leukemia.
    • Can avoid Bone Marrow Bx if you use IVIG (which needs to be given in consultation with Hematology)