UMEM Educational Pearls

Tensor Fascia Latae (Iliotibial Band) Pain Syndrome:

Some patients will complain of hip and back pain and can have multiple visits before somebody considers Tensor Fascia Latae Pain Syndrome AKA Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

The tensor fascia latae helps with thigh flexion at the hip, abduction, and medial rotation; and stabilizes the knee laterally

When this muscle/fascia gets tight and overcontracted it will lead to dysfunction of the gluteus and rectus femoralis muscles leading to increased hip pain due to abnormal movement of the joint.

Patients often complain of increased pain with running, especially downhill and exam is notable for local tenderness (approx. 2cm above lateral joint line) & occasional swelling over the distal lateral thigh.

Most patients respond to conservative treatment involving NSAIDs, stretching of the iliotibial band, physical therapy, strengthening of the gluteus medius, and altering their running regimens.