UMEM Educational Pearls

What are characteristics that increase the chance a patient is at risk for opioid-related death? A recent JAMA article begins to tackle this very issues. Baumblatt et al. found the following:

1) Patient with 4 or more prescribers had adjusted odds ratio 6.5 for opioid-related death

2) Patient with 4 or more pharmacies where they get their prescriptions aOR - 6.0

3) Patient with more than 100 mg of morphine equivalents mean per day aOR - 11.2

With the new Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring program (PDMP)  we can start looking at a patient's prescription drug use pattern. The recent JAMA article can help you identify patients at high risk to die an opioid-related death. Use the PDMP and be wary if a patient has more than 4 prescribers or pharmacies or has >100mg of morphine equivalents per day.


High-Risk Use by Patients Prescribed Opioids for Pain and Its Role in Overdose Deaths.

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