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Category: Cardiology

Title: cool IVF during cardiac arrest

Keywords: therapeutic hypothermia, cardiac arrest, hypothermia (PubMed Search)

Posted: 5/15/2011 by Amal Mattu, MD (Updated: 12/6/2023)
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It is now well-accepted that induction of hypothermia should be initiated in victims of cardiac arrest who regain spontaneous circulation and remain unresponsive. Studies are now being performed and published that suggest that the earlier that hypothermia is induced, the better the neurological outcome. With this in mind, some experts are now recommending that cool IVF be the initial resuscitation fluid that these patients receive when resuscitation is initiated. It appears that aggressive use of cool IVF right from the initiation of attempted resuscitation results in improvements in survival to hospital admission and discharge.

The bottom line here is that when caring for victims of primary cardiac arrest, we should be certain to cool the patients fast and early!


Garrett JS, et al. The association between intra-arrest therapeutic hypothermia and return of spontaneous circulation among individuals experiencing out of hospital cardiac arrest. Resuscitation 2011;82:21-25.